American Chefs Are Going Wild With Fish Roe

Bloomberg – October 24, 2016

Chefs these days are finding the most ingenious ways to serve fish eggs. Pick up your caviar spoon and dig in.

Caviar is the crown jewel of the seafood world, and an instantaneous hit of luxury. While traditional caviar service is still a hallmark of fine dining, some of the country’s most celebrated restaurants are putting their own creative—and sometimes ridiculous—spins on the fancy fish eggs. From noodles, to pot pie, to nachos, here are 10 of the most interesting caviar dishes from around the country. You decide whether it’s worth picking up your mother of pearl caviar spoon and diving in…

Lobster Tamale Pie. Flora Street Café, Dallas

The dish you hear most about at Dallas restaurant impresario Stephen Pyles’s latest spot, Flora Street Café, is essentially a pot pie. The Lobster Tamale Pie, served in a martini-style glass, is filled with rich chunks of lobster, corn masa, and—surprise—generous spoonfuls of wild paddlefish caviar. To access the pie’s supremely comforting interior, you need to crack a spiced layer of ancho chile “glass” that forms the bruléed cover. It’s topped with—you guessed it—more caviar.