Dallas In Three Drinks

The Daily Beast – December 27, 2016

People in Texas feel pretty strongly about, well, stuff from Texas. And that goes double for Texas food. So you can be sure that the state’s most famous chef, who literally wrote the bible on the region’s cuisine, seriously knows his stuff. The James Beard Award-winning Dean Fearing has gained a reputation as the father of modern Southwestern cuisine, creating his signature style from the area’s many disparate influences. His dishes have been thrilling diners in Dallas for more than three decades, first at the over-the-top Mansion on Turtle Creek and since 2007 at his eponymous Fearing’s.

But food isn’t Fearing’s only interest. He’s into cowboy boots, famously rocking a pair of custom Luccheses in the kitchen and out. He’s also a collector of guitars and plays a vintage Fender Telecaster in The Barbwires, an all-chef alt-country band. And Fearing’s a cocktail fan, too, exploring Dallas’ extensive bar scene in search of both inspiration and tasty beverages.So where should you drink the next time you’re in the Big D? Here are Fearing’s current favorite cocktails in the city…

Smoked Peach Thyme Flora Street

Flora Street Café features both food and drinks created by chef Stephan Pyles, another influential Southwestern chef. As you might expect, the cocktails here highlight fresh produce and feature plenty of complex flavors, and the Smoked Peach Thyme is no exception. It contains, naturally, smoked Texas peaches and thyme, as well as rye whiskey and green tea-infused Lillet. “Anyone that knows me knows that I love to smoke any piece of food I can get my hands on, so I like to think Stephan created this drink just for me,” Fearing says. “When I sip this cocktail, I find it has the perfect combination of tart, sweet, fragrant and smoky.”